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In the Fall of 2016,I wanted to make a lifestyle change.After years of yo-yo dieting and my weight up and down,I had a trip coming up that motivated me to join a gym.Once I joined,I did the assessment and was shocked of my body fat percentage; I signed up for personal training sessions once a week, but after my trip and losing over 15 pounds,I started gaining weight after my trip.

My trainer told me to get my butt to the gym more and lets just say I can be stubborn.After stepping on the scale,I had enough and It took me months to realize I was only hurting myself.I love to shop and nothing can be upsetting then going into your favorite store and trying on jeans to see it will barely go up when i was just that size after new years.

Losing weight is not easy and almost everyone will hit a plateau,When I got myself in the gym more over these last few months I was losing weight again and It just stopped. My husband mentioned a diet plan called “Keto” suggested we should research it.I grabbed the Ipad and went to work on finding out more on the “Keto” diet.I’m no doctor but its helped me get out of my plateau and I’m losing weight.Just be sure to check with your doctor before you start any diet.

I have also incorporated at home workouts via the Fitness app and 8fit app on the app store for apple.It so much fun,just beware if you have animals they may want to join in on the fun.The app has different playlists to choose from before you start the workout.I have an area in my living room dedicated to at home workout that includes a yoga mat,5-10 pound weights and exercise band.


When I’m at the gym,I mainly go for cardio and utilize the elliptical 15-20 mins,treadmill on 6.5-7.5 incline at 2.5-2.7 speed for 10-15 minutes, and the StairMaster for 10-15 minutes and plan to push myself longer on the StairMaster.I still have my trainer and I think its great to have someone to hold you accountable and to check your form and the added bonus of motivation when you want to give up during a session.

One thing I have learned since I started my lifestyle change is not giving up on your goals.It’s not going to be easy however stay motivated no matter the challenge.I also think of self affirmations that I tell myself all the time.One of my favorites is “You are a goddess,a badass and you totally got this”,It helps me on my Monday workouts when I just need a push out the door and into my car to hit the gym.



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I’m a loving wife,dog mama,creative business women and passionate about life and being positive no matter what life may throw my way.I started my blog Styled thru Life to have a creative outlet and inspire readers thru each blog post.

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