Secrets to Saving Money while Shopping

Sales can be your best friend when shopping.When I shop,I start from the back of the store or wherever the clearance rack is then work my way up to other deals the store might have.I went into American Eagle and didn’t plan on buying anything as I have a weight loss goal to hit however I Stumbled upon a nice denim button down shirt;the ideas started forming on how to style it.


The outlet mall is the best place to shop especially around the holidays,the deals and savings are great since the American Eagle store at the mall had no in-store sales going on, I decided to drive over to the outlet mall instead. After I found the denim button down shirt which was 30% off,I found a perfume for 50% off;I suffer from headaches as such certain perfumes,I can’t enjoy but this one had a nice smell to it.For the two items purchased I saved $33.47.


My next trip was to Ulta,signing up for there “Ulatmate Rewards” program years ago,has helped me save money on products.I believe 3 times a year,they have a 20% off coupon for Platinum members and you can use the coupon on prestige items.The rewards are a points based system and you gain money every time you shop.

The best way to save is when they ask you to sign up for the store rewards program and if you have time,sign up as your wallet will thank you.I saved $26.40 and have $11 worth of points and I always save my points to use towards big sales such as the holiday event.

My trip the next day was to Target and I saved $16.53 using Cartwheel and the Red Card.The best advice is to wait for a sale,clothing stores are known to put items out and after a few weeks it’s on sale and then on the clearance rack.The same concept can be used when buying home decor.Websites like Overstock is great way to buy decor and furniture without breaking the bank and apps like Ebates is a great tool when shopping,however when purchasing items and using a debit card,ring it as credit to qualify for cash back.Don’t break the bank for fashion,shop smart and save!

I Hope my secrets were helpful to you and please like,comment and share.

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