Applying Make-up like a Pro

Have you ever looked thru Instagram beauty posts and think how do they do their makeup?When I first started to wear makeup,I came out so orange in the sun it was crazy and to make it even funnier,no one told me!  I have learned so many tricks by just checking YouTube Beauty Vloggers. There so many women and men on YouTube with the tools to help us.

Number 1 rule is to Cleanse,Tone and Moisturizer your skin and use a primer before applying makeup.I currently use Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid products to cleanse and tone my skin 3 times a week then use Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer.The other days I use, Burts Bee’s Cleanser Oil then tone and moisturize.Primer I currently use is Estee Lauder The Smoother,finding the right primer will help your makeup stay in place all day.

Picking the right foundation for my skin tone is always hard for me as it’s either too red or too orange and I have been told countless times by makeup artist; I have a yellow undertone.Finding your undertone will help you pick the right foundation shade for your skin.I haven’t been able to get on the Fenty Beauty train just yet however I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in the colors Rich Caramel and Amber Honey and mixing the colors for the best match.Tip: Apply foundation with a damp beauty blender,I use Real Techniques. I’ve been thinking about setting an appointment at Nordstrom for Lancome custom mix foundation as sometimes mixing my two colors from Estee Lauder can be a challenge and my color would come out a tad dark sometimes.It was recommended by a makeup artist at my local Ulta, for those who can’t seem to find the best match.


Onto the eyeshadow palettes ,I never was big on eyeshadow as I was afraid to try  different shades for my skin tone however after watching a few videos I was inspired and haven’t looked back.My signature look is the cat eye however to add dimension eyeshadow can make your eyes pop.Tip:Use a eyeshadow primer,mine is form Laura Mercier. One of my go to eyeshadow palettes is Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance.The colors I used for the look below is a combination of Golden Ochre,Red Ochre,and Primavera. You should start from the lighter tone up to the darker tone and remember to blend the colors in between to avoid a hard crease.IMG_1633.jpg

Another palette I use is Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition; I use the darker color highlighter in the pallet in my current look and what I like to do for some looks is to use that same highlighter as a eyeshadow along with my cat eye look.



I use Lacome Doll lashes mascara and Benefit Cosmetics Push Up liner and If you want to add lashes,there are so many cult favorites. I’ve been blessed with long lashes however If that is something you want to add for your look,There are many solutions for a lash look. Tip: If you want to grow your lashes,Castor oil is the best beauty hack.My blush used is Clinic 17 black honey pop.

Setting powders are a must to complete your look and I use Laura Mercier Translucent powder.For those of my skin tone,They came out with the Translucent powder in medium deep.It does come off a bit Orange on me,so I use this on my cheek bones and forehead just like you would to contour and use the Translucent powder for all over setting.I then use Mario Badescu facial spray that has aloe,cucumber and green tea,feels great on the skin.


The last step is lips and I used Tarte Melted matte in the color child star,the best tip for matte lips is exfoliate your lips then hydrate your lips before you start applying your makeup and this will allow a flawless matte lip.

I hope you find this helpful on creating the same look and you are beautiful!

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6 thoughts on “Applying Make-up like a Pro

  1. Love your makeup look at the end! I also struggle finding foundation because I have a yellow/olive undertone, and I’ve yet to find one that matches perfectly!

    1. Thank you!Yes yellow and Olive is hard to find,I did try Nars which has some foundations for yellow undertone,It just wasnt for me.

      1. The only one I found that was pretty decent, but didn’t buy at the time, was a smash box one. I think it was camera ready and might have been in a BB formula. Maybe I should go back and give that a try ;p

      2. Sweet,I think once you find a foundation that works for your skin and undertone,stick with it:)

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