Healthy Lifestyle Changes PT. 2

It’s Thanksgiving eve,I wanted to share an update on my Healthy Lifestyle Changes.Over the years,I’ve been able to lose weight then I would gain it back in a span of months,due to poor eating habits and drinking habits when out with my friends.

The most important part of weight loss is to remember,Its 20% Fitness and 80% Nutrition. If you are working out 4 x and week and have a poor diet you wont be able to lose weight.I changed my diet to a Keto diet plan,Lots of meat,protein and very low carbs.The plan has helped me out of the plateau I was in.

After meeting with my doctor for a check up,She liked that I was on Keto and gave me an idea on meal replacements.I now incorporate Keto friendly foods along with meal replacements two-three days a week.With the meal replacements,I have a shake in the morning and for lunch along with healthy snacks such as nuts and a Keto meal for dinner.When I’m out with my husband or friends,I pick a meal such as a chicken quesadilla and since I get fuller faster I start with an appetizer menu to share and most of the time i don’t need a full entree.

Since my last blog post I’m down 20 pounds.I try not to weight myself too much and have a notebook of my body inches such as chest,waist,hips and calf’s. I do my goals by the month instead of saying “If I lose X amount I reached my goal” I say “I plan to lose X amount this month”. Having small goals will lead the big goal.


Don’t deprive yourself this Thanksgiving with food.Enjoy time with your family and friends.I hope you found my post inspiring and follow me on Instagram at Styled Thru Life.

Want more info on Keto,check this website out:

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