Guide to shopping smart for Designer Deals

Have you ever walked into a store, found a nice designer dress only to find the price tag at $200 or more? This happens to me from time to time as the quality is super important but not at the expense of breaking the bank for it.

If you want to know my secrets to finding fashion forward designer pieces to add to your wardrobe this blog post is for you.

The most important factor is knowing your budget and how much you are willing to spend in a store. Nordstrom Rack is a great store to find amazing designer deals however you might come across a piece that is far fetch from your budget and you buy the item only to have buyers remorse. Factor in your personal bills and expenses.

Once you reached a decision on your budget.Time to research stores,I personally start on E-bates to add any deals to link to my card.Then I check my emails with a simple search for Nordstom,Macy’s and Dillard’s.Sign up for the emails and create a folder in your email for them.Macy’s is know for there door buster deals such as an extra 20% and every year on Jan 1st Dillard’s has amazing deals that are so good the parking lot is packed!Most stores will ask you in person to sign up for there points system which is free,you build points that turn into money off your next transaction for example Nordstrom Rack has this and it takes 2 min to set up at the register.

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Shopping can be a fun,trying on garments from brands like Tory Burch,Michael by Michael Kors and Kate Spade to name a few however plan to go to the stores early or right when they open especially if you go down to the Outlet mall.Plan to spend time at each store,this is when research comes in handy as you know the deals and have it on your phone.

Always try on the outfit,you will find the dressing rooms a breeze as its less crowed than Saturday or Sunday.Lets say you find a Tory Burch dress for $80,but you go home and try it on only to find it too tight.You have to make sure you have your receipt than do a return which is never fun.

The deals for designer garments are there however if you don’t research you will spend more for something you could’ve gotten for a better deal.The picture below is from Nordstrom priced at $130 before taxes,I found the same dress at the Michael Kors Outlet for $54.Its a great sheath dress but I had money left over to buy addition dresses instead of just one.

Main Image - MICHAEL Michael Kors Studded Sheath Dress

On my recent visit to Norstrom Rack,I went in to hunt for spring shoes and walked out with Calvin Klein pumps for $49 which was $110 and it was on clearance.i also found a nice sheath dress while walking to the check-out this is priced at $56.67 however I been on the hunt for a Calvin Klein dress that had similar print and was priced at $45.


Once you leave the store,you will feel good knowing you saved on great brands!

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