Healthy Lifestyle Changes Follow-Up

When I wanted to make a change,I noticed making a lifestyle change wasn’t easy.I was losing weight then I gained it right back slowly and I can always tell when I gained weight because the way my jeans fit. Now I’m not a doctor but I decided to go on the ketogenic diet if you’veContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyle Changes Follow-Up”

Evening Skin Care ft Estée Lauder

Skin Care is so important,I can’t tell you how many times I try to get my husband  to follow a good regim.On my recent trip to Ulta ,I decided to purchase the Protect + Hydrate sample kit by Estée Lauder that includes Daywear multi protection antioxidant  24hr moisture crème, Advanced night repair synchronized recovery complexContinue reading “Evening Skin Care ft Estée Lauder”