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Skin Care is so important,I can’t tell you how many times I try to get my husband  to follow a good regim.On my recent trip to Ulta ,I decided to purchase the Protect + Hydrate sample kit by Estée Lauder that includes Daywear multi protection antioxidant  24hr moisture crème, Advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex II, Nightwear plus antioxidant night detox crème and advanced night micro cleansing foam. After just a few days I can already tell a difference in my skin texture and tone.

                                  Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam

I love the cleansing foam,It is very light with a luxurious feel to it while removing makeup leftover and smooths your skin.It has a pleasant scent but doesn’t irritate the skin.At this time it is the only cleanser I’m using as I want to get my skin back to a nice glow in time for my anniversary trip next month.I’m almost out of the sample size and will be getting the normal bottle size this week!

                        Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

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After cleansing and toning your skin at night,This serum provides hydration and smoothing to improve skin radiance and reduce wrinkles.I’m more on the combo skin side and this serum works great for me since its oil-free.

The serum is very light and I do love the fact its fragrance free!I went ahead and purchased the 1 oz bottle for $68 as I was sold on the product.I also discovered I can tap a few drops after I apply foundation; I currently wear the Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation. I have noticed over the past few months,the foundation will crease on my laugh lines and I hope this trick will help with that!

                      Daywear Multi-protection Anti-Oxidant 24HR Moisture Creme 

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After you are done cleansing in the morning,This day time moisture is lightweight and a little goes a long way! Don’t put your makeup primer on right after,I learned the hard way and my makeup caked up-Not a fun look! Price point depends on size from $34-$54.

                         NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Creme 

diemme (3)

After your done cleaning,toning and have added your serum.Nightwear Plus is the best,I wake up to fresh and hydrated skin.I’m currently waiting on a Retin-A product prescribed by my dermatologist and I may only need it once a week now.This is a must have while on the expensive side than I typically spend on skin-care products it well worth it at $54.

When I worked in a day spa, I remember a guest who got out of a facial disappointed saying their skin “Looked the same” However we have to keep in my mind; there is no “Fast Fix” even a chemical peel takes time. The best treatment for visible results will be a Hydrafacial. It’s a great facial that while cleanses your skin,It adds hydration back in.

The Estée Lauder may products may be on the expensive side but it will last a long time on thing I learned if your going to spend money on skin care products go for the serums vs the cleansers or buy the sample pack.

Clear skin is achievable,Start with seeing a dermatologist go in with a cleansed face and no make-up,She/He will analyze your skin and recommend what they believe is best.You can also use a Med-Spa or Day Spa and schedule a facial.They are trained to know every skin type and will recommend the best facial to fit your needs.

One very IMPORTANT skin care tip to remember, WATER is your best friend.It has been proven to give you clear skin!

Do you have any skin care products you know and love, comment below would love your thoughts from affordable to higher end.



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