A Dose of Confidence ft J.Crew

One thing some people don’t talk about when it comes to weight loss is the shopping required every time you lose 10 pounds. I’m not saying its bad its truly an amazing feeling! It the revamping of my closet that has me going in circles, I realized its not that  bad as it may sound.

When I shop I tend to be sometimes indesvie. Do I really need this top? or When I’m I ever going to wear this dress? Comes to my head almost every time. I’m a savvy shopper too,the item has to be on sale or no deal. It’s something my husband loves about me,as inpatient I’m as a driver in Texas; I’m patient to see an item go on sale to buy.

Lately I’ve been shopping at J.Crew and J.Crew Factory and scored pieces I rotate between work and a night out.When I started to lose weight I had a few stores I wanted to go back into and feel “confident” not judged like the famous “why is she here,we don’t carry her size “. As I’ve gotten older the more my style flourish,I went from Forever21 when I was 18 to J.crew as a 27 years young entrepreneur.


As a woman and also a woman with curves,I pick pieces that shows my curves rather than hide it. Women come up to me at stores like TJ.maxx,Nordstrom Rack,J.crew and Target to ask for my help on what outfit to pick,I started to think maybe this is a sign.I have always wanted to be a personal stylist but I sometimes get so into myself and think I can’t do this because my confidence was lacking.I’m now able to have small talk with these shoppers and random strangers as I wait on in line at Starbucks as my practice.

A little background on my school years,I was in private school in New York, When we moved from Queens to Brooklyn , I was no longer in private school for a year or so before the big Texas move a few months after 9/11.I was dealing with a change from living in a city I called home along with dealing with the most horrible event in history and moved to Texas; a place I honestly thought was full of horses and country roads. After the move and getting my way around my new school,I noticed my spanish last name confused classmates and I felt like I had to defend my nationality.

Long story short,High School had it ups and downs,I was bullied for just being different and I knew it was them and not me but it hit my confidence level like anyone that’s dealt with bullying.I got over it after starting to find my voice in a local college but I was super in denial about gaining weight.The scale didn’t lie and my confidence hit a low,again.

When I go shopping now,I walk in with the confidence; Like a lady on a mission to find new pieces.Living a healthy lifestyle sometimes can be tough for me especially during patio season here in Texas.I love my margaritas,a night out with girlfriends but I keep my goal in mind and still watch the way I eat not because I want to be a size 0 but because I’m confident in myself to know I don’t want to be where I was years ago.IMG_4339

A huge shoutout to J.Crew for featuring different sizes in there campaigns and Happy shopping readers! Always check online for store deals before you go in.

Stay Styled and Stay Beautiful,besos. 

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I’m a loving wife,dog mama,creative business women and passionate about life and being positive no matter what life may throw my way.I started my blog Styled thru Life to have a creative outlet and inspire readers thru each blog post.

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