5 Things to bring on a road trip

Happy Saturday,everyone! Recently my husband and I decided to take a road trip to Florida and NOLA.Yes from Texas that is a hek of a long drive but we survived.To make that car ride even better, I’ve compiled a list of things you should bring with you. I never want to be away from home without the things I need, and neither do you. So here you go! Enjoy!

                                                                    #1 Snacks

The 1st evening of our trip we drove 5 hours,I worked a full 9-5 day eat a normal lunch but I knew I was going to be hungry and the drive to FL the next day was going to be long,so we had a cooler in the truck with things we both like including a ton of water! Yes that added a few pit stops to a fast food place to use the restroom but on longer drives its important to stay hydrated!

       #2 Beauty

Whether you’re male or female you can’t deny being in a car for a long period of time can make you feel icky and sometimes you may need to freshen up.I brought along travel size makeup wipes.mouthwash,chapstick and even my toothbrush.I wanted to feel refreshed as we had a total of 3 hotel check in during our drive.I carried these items in my small crossbody Michael Kors bag,It was the best purchase for $99 I made as I only have big purses!

                                                         # 3 Entertainment 

My husband did all of the driving meaning I was in control of the radio! A week prior to our vacation I set up a playlist on Napster full of song’s he enjoys and I enjoy. My hubby requested to play his book during part of the drive and that’s when I plugged in my headphones to watch Scandal season 7 on Netflix.Don’t laugh I already watched it but I had a backup plan for his book time.

                                                        # 4 Spare clothes

This one is an easy one,I packed my clothes ahead of time.Offit planning from shoes to accessories.I went ahead and put a spear shirt and pants aside just in case we ran behind and I wanted to feel clean from head to toe,trust me this extra step is a lifesafer.

               #5 Technology

Of course you’re not going to forget your phone but since you’ll be in the car for a long period of time you’ll be using it more and more. This is the perfect chance to bring a dual charger or two if traveling with a group.You always want to have your phone or camera charged for moments you want to snap a pic while on the road!

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