Exciting Life Update

Happy Tuesday! I have been so busy this month I wanted to share my new venture.For years I have heard “Jasmyn you always dress up,I need to go shopping with you”. I never thought anything of it other than yes I love clothes.One moment you will see me running errands in jeans,t-shirt,earrings a cute bagContinue reading “Exciting Life Update”

Embroidered Pineapple J.Crew Outfit

Shopping has always been a great pastime for me.This month I hit a weight loss goal and J.crew has been the store I’ve been loving lately.The style is fantastic for work and play,reasonable pricing and great material. I’ll be honest it can be a bit of a splurge that will last a lifetime with care.IContinue reading “Embroidered Pineapple J.Crew Outfit”