Style on a budget: American Eagle Jeans

Omg ya’ll,I went from a size 18/20 to a size 10/12. I’ve been jean shopping like crazy,can you blame me.Jeans are sometimes the hardest to find and shop for.Its either too tight or loose at the waist but fits everywhere else. Can we just have a win when shopping for jeans,well I have a win for ya’ll.

I have been shopping at American Eagle since my High School days.Seen the changes in style almost every year and noticed the wonderful re-branding that include sizes 16-20 in store!

Cheers to hands down the best jeans!I got my co-workers shopping at American Eagle now,they never bag out and I don’t even need a belt.

Happy Fri-Yay,Do ya’ll have a brand in jeans you love,share below.

Published by Jasmyn Henriquez

I’m a loving wife,dog mama,creative business women and passionate about life and being positive no matter what life may throw my way.I started my blog Styled thru Life to have a creative outlet and inspire readers thru each blog post.

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