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     My closet has one rule I always kept since I started shopping for myself “When I buy new pieces,an item I wear the least must go”

I’m currently in the process of moving,lets just say I have moved a lot in the past 10 years,I try to be a well organized. I keep my closet organized by color and type meaning shirts on one side and pants,skirts and dresses on the other all in order by color.

I always tell friends as a tip and now clients to try and follow the same lead as it has saved me time on day’s when I feel like I have nothing to wear and It has been a lifesaver!

IMG_0026 (1)

I currently have 3 wardrobe boxes packed and the rest of my clothing is in my closet which will fit within the wardrobe boxes packed as I needed to have accessible clothing for my 9-5pm job alongside meeting friends after work or on the weekends to play and date night with the hubby. I needed clothing I know I gravitate to on a weekly basis that works well for everything and any event.

Welcome to the guest closet!

During renovation I moved all my things from the master closet which is 2 closet master bath to the guest room.I had to make this work and now I consider the room as my big ol walk in closet and office.

It made me re-focus my attention to downsizing,giving away things I know I haven’t worn and the main focus of teaching clients to declutter and focus on what they have in there closet.If you are not going to wear an item give it away or sale and it’s time to focus on a capsule collection.



Tour my closet!

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