Closet Cleanout,Are you ready for the challenge?

I tell clients all the time, the best way for me to help you, is for you and I go thru your closet and clean out everything! From T-Shirts to jeans to dresses,This helps me understand the client style and personailty.

I tell them pick items you wear daily and toss items that have have been sitting in your closet and has’nt seen the light of day.

I recently did this for myself,I had two bags of pieces that “no longer brought me joy” and I barely wore.

This spring marks a personal milestone for me and my health.Dropping at total of 90 pounds.I have become a member of Cowboys Fit(I’m not a cowboys fan,My family would be upset),however the gym came with perks I couldn’t resist.

The pieces that brought me joy no longer fit.I started selling pieces from my closet such as J.Crew and Michael by Michael Kors and offered to style pieces for local buyers here in the Dallas area.


‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. I personally went from all black but chic outfits to bright color schemes and still rock black outfits from time to time,Who doesn’t look a LBD. I out grew my style from my early 20’s and moved into pieces that can cross over from day to night in my late 20’s.

If you need a style upgrade and ready for a closet cleanout.Email me and lets get started.

Photo and Styled by yours truly.

Let get started,Are you ready for the challenge?

Published by Jasmyn Henriquez

I’m a loving wife,dog mama,creative business women and passionate about life and being positive no matter what life may throw my way.I started my blog Styled thru Life to have a creative outlet and inspire readers thru each blog post.

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