Divorce Life: My First Solo Trip

A lot of things can happen in a short time. Whether positive or negative it is truly how you make it in the end.

My divorce can be looked at as negative, It can also be something others may not understand.Some would say “You guys could’ve worked it out” or “ Stay with him,Its the christian thing to do”. I choose to be honest and say it was mutual, we lost what made us what I deemed a power couple wanting to grow and travel and its normal to fall apart.

I didn’t become depressed.I kept myself active at the gym 3-4 days a week, kept my social calendar busy and took my first solo trip.

Don’t get me wrong I have traveled alone in the once but it was to meet a friend in another state;Thats not a solo trip. From the flight to hotel to outings, I did it on my own.

I decided on a trip to New York,My hometown.While you may think “its her hometown”; Its been 10 years since I’ve been back home. I was nervous at first staying in Manhattan, I wanted to enjoy every aspect of my 4- day trip.My co-workers and mom was worried as they see me as a young woman going off to the big city alone and wanted me to be safe.

The first night I was super tired, my flight was delayed 3 times and we stayed an added 30 minutes in the air due to the weather in New York. My hotel stay was at Pod 39, one of the cheaper deals I saw online.What grabbed my attention to book was the rooftop bar and restaurant in the lobby.It costed extra as a “resort fee” but worth it to me.I ended each night at the rooftop bar, the skyline views were breathtaking.

    Each morning I got up and went to the bodega something I always missed while living here in Dallas. I was able to get a fresh food made, better than Starbucks and water bottle for my room.

    I decided to walk to Time Square that was one of the funniest walks for me as I went in the wrong direction even with my walking GPS I got lost but I’m so happy to say I made it to Time Square.I didn’t  know Aerie for American Eagle was having an event for with a Yoga “class” blocked out with people doing yoga poses in front of strangers and NYPD.I watched myself as I love yoga and wanted to catch a glimpse of Iskra; the Aerie model.

I walked over the the Lyric Theatre in Times Square. I have been trying to find for tickets to see “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child “ Part 1 and 2 but had no luck weeks prior to my trip and no luck during my trip. I was able to go into the Harry Potter store below the theatre and wanted almost everything in the store but picked up a Slytherin T-shirt and pen for work, for all my Harry Potter fans I was a kid in a candy store.

    In the evening,I walked down to the Museum of Sex and I believe that may have been the longest walk I did during my trip. It was over 15 blocks but It was my therapy.Just like every New Yorker I had my earbuds in, while yes I was on a solo trip and needed to focus on my surroundings. I was able to think about my part in my marriage where I failed as a wife.I thought about ideas for my business and building clients.I thought about whats next for me all while listening to James Blake station on Pandora, one of my favorite station.

The next day I took the train to Coney Island for a mermaid festival and I wanted to go on the Wonder Wheel as I love ferris wheels.Getting there was not a walk in the park for me.Subway was confusing as I had to get off the train on Canal street, Go up a flight of stairs to catch another train and a few stops later; I made it to Brooklyn.

The event was so much, I meet a lot of cool people dressed to the nines as Mermaids and rocked it. The block was blocked out for a parade with music and dancing.I was able to get photos with people who I thought dressed like rockstars and you have to appreciate New York for these event’s as it brings everyone together.


      All in all this trip was my challenge to myself and I recommend everyone take a solo trip.Yes, traveling by yourself can be frightening but it can also be empowering. Traveling by yourself teaches you how to rely on yourself, which builds confidence and shows you that you’re stronger than you thought you were.

It’s also wonderful to travel alone because you decide how to spend each day. You choose where to eat and what activities to do. You don’t have to compromise like you would with a travel partner such as family and friends.

I learned a lot about myself and excited to share,I have one more solo trip in the works, words of caution : Solo travel can become addictive.

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I’m a loving wife,dog mama,creative business women and passionate about life and being positive no matter what life may throw my way.I started my blog Styled thru Life to have a creative outlet and inspire readers thru each blog post.

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