Divorce Life: Birthday Solo Getaway

I survived my trip to LA.My solo trip to New York doesn’t compare to LA. I thought I was going to be able to walk everywhere. Boy, was I wrong. I landed early morning and knew I wasn’t going to be able to check-in to my hotel however I knew I could drop my suitcase off.

When I landed I decided to get a shared ride, for the sake of my post I won’t reveal which company however The driver was very funny and sweet.He offered to wait for me to drop my bags off and we ended up hanging out for a few hours, I don’t recommend doing this as its not safe to do! I just went with it and we went to Denny’s for breakfast and sight seeing.He told me of all the places to visit during my time in LA and we walked Hollywood blvd together before he dropped me back of to my hotel. Come to find out The guy is a Cancer,star sign which is the same sign as my ex-husband.My friends reached out that day to check on me, I turned the “Find my friend” feature on my phone and told them I’m safe!

I went out that evening to Hollywood and Highland,The area is full of life and stars. I window shopped at ZARA and a pretty young woman started singing, dancing and throwing around clothes,It was sad to see that some people in the area are codependent on drugs and how its normal for those who live there and work are used to it.

I purchased a fabulous shirt I was planning to wear for my birthday. I decided to have dinner at The Hard Rock cafe,Its a chill spot I love to go to, for my travel budget it was right up my alley. A few drinks later I ended up calling him,This was a place we used to visit on trips. Let’s just say Life after divorce is not easy. You start to think about all of the good times. He didn’t pick up thank god,I was starting to feel my drink who knows what I would’ve said.

I went on the Uber app and requested a ride share. I did forgot what my first driver said about Hollywood Blvd and Lfyt and Uber. I was left there when my ride couldn’t find me,I called and I was hung up on.I walked further out of Hollywood and Highland/Vine and was able to be found by my second request for ride share.

I loved my Uber and Lyft pool rides this trip,Being a talk active person each person that came in ended up talking to me. One conversation I had with a guy getting a Lyft to Home Depot and it was his third trip due to not having the right srews for a dresser he’s fixing. Home Depot was only a few blocks away from his apartment and he said “You don’t walk in LA, you Uber” I laughed. I told him I thought It would be like my NY trip and told him the story of me trying to take the train. I walked out of my hotel and walked one block and just needed to cross the street to get down to the train and I stopped traffic! A guy stopped to try to talk to me, I did have my headphones in but he didn’t care; He tried.Lets just say I was wearing one of my chic outfits,Lace midi satin skirt that has a slit down the side with a Rolling Stones t-shirt.Big confidence booster and a funny story for my girlfriends,I told them ” Ya’ll I stopped traffic in LA”.

The next day was my 29th birthday! I was so excited for Universal Studios. My co-worker lend me her Severus Snape wand and map for the interactive portion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.I felt like a kid in a candy store (for the Harry Potter Nerds like me you will love it). I was in heaven for a few hours at Universal Studios,Had lunch at the Leaky Cauldron that had Harry Potter theme music on along with many other songs played in the movie’s. I was disappointed that the Walking Dead area of the park was closed down due to getting ready for there Halloween fun at the park the following week.

Later that evening I went back to Hollywood Blvd for a birthday dinner,I sat at a bar and enjoyed my dinner, my chat with the bartender and my free desert.I than walked around the walk of fame with my headphones on not as loud this trip but I enjoy listening to music, and stopped to watch a show on the Walk of Fame,a guy jumped across 5 different people without a hitch and they did a great job hyping up the crowd. I than came across a wine bar and decided to stop in for a glass of wine. At this point it was already late,I knew I did not want to take the train nor did I feel safe the first time I took it and I’m a New York Native. I started thinking about my ex-husband even more while sipping my wine.

During the divorce process I thought I was fine.I assume there was a vibe I was given off that had men coming up to me and while I had no intention of giving my number away it was nice feeling. However as time went on,I started to truly miss him. Before My trip I decided to reach out to him and I think for me It may have done more harm than good. I made a choice to move on and heal along with building new friendships,being open and honest and I allowed a moment of weakness to reach out to him.

After I had my glass of wine and finished my “people watching” I wanted to go back to my hotel and sit at my hotel bar patio however my ride share request could not find me again making it round 2 of a being left and having to get another pool request,adds for a funny story.

Itruly enjoyed my birthday getaway,It was the first birthday in 5 years that I spent alone and I made it enjoyable and fun.

The next day I wanted to go down to Beverly Hills,Too be honest the only thing special to me was going to The Wilshire Hotel and having brunch at The Blvd. This hotel is famous for “Pretty Women” which is one of my favorite movies. I also walked on rodeo drive, stopped into a few stores; Oh a girl can dream.I was in retail heaven.

This trip was a lot of fun. There is so many benefits to a solo trip including building self confidence. I traveled with my then husband many times and while enjoyable; I’m not a big planner when it comes to travel. I have ideas of what I want to do but not necessarily the time I want to do it and being able to wake up when I want, get hotel breakfast when I hungry and ready was nice. My biggest pet peeve is feeling rushed. For me it causes anxiety, not everyone is the same including traveling with friends or loved ones.

Plan your next trip, solo. Trust me you will love it!

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