Cushnie For Target: Supporting a Black Designer

I have been on a hiatus these past few months to focus on myself during this pandemic.I thought to myself during a lay-off to do more self-care, therapy and apply for jobs. I did start a new job and was super nervous.I will admit the fashionisata in me was enjoying a few weeks of black jumpsuits, heels and high collar shirts my co-worker adored my style then my uniform top came in and thats my 8 am – 5 pm style which is my chucks, black pants or skirt if I want and uniform top;Hello Comfy better than my Dermatology days.I always felt I need to put a good look together.

While Texas is in the mist of a surge in cases,I look forward to stepping outside most weekends and happy to be supporting a brand whom I always loved.The affordable line at Target displays bright coral ,pink neon, red and black. Now I will admit my go to color is red, white and black and I was eying the black dress but wanted a color. I keep my eye on a neon dress and while I love it;I honestly don’t know where I would wear it to as mostly everything like bars are closed and girls night out is very peaceful.

Felt confident in this red dress,I’m pear shaped with a defined waist.While Target dressing room was closed due to the pandemic,I eyed it prefectly. I knew that worst case that It can always be taken in;If needed.My goal was to support,stay in a budget and look fab while out and about this weekend.

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I’m a loving wife,dog mama,creative business women and passionate about life and being positive no matter what life may throw my way.I started my blog Styled thru Life to have a creative outlet and inspire readers thru each blog post.

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