You got this Fashionista’s

I went from the woman who said “Okay 2020, we need a redo” to the woman who says “ Okay we got this, time to fix your mindset.”

This has been a tough time for almost everyone,I’m so happy thru this I have learned to set my mind and time to adding more self-love and self-care day’s keeping my normal morning routine with a slight difference on my wake up time.I changed my negativity to positivity, trust me a lay-off is not easy,I went home in tears thinking Okay, what now but I was able to refocus my attention.

I wanted to be active looking for work even when the requirement to do so was 0 jobs a week until maybe Phase 3 re-open but I figured I can take this time to put my resume out there and try. I wanted to continue using my skills as my role was in cosmetic dermatology, checking in and out patients daily amongst other tasks.I also signed up for Free courses offered with Google to polish up self learned skills in Marketing.This is not a productivity contest,I just wanted to train my brain to some type of normalcy.Some say to stick to your normal routine which for me has helped my overall mental health. 

Personal styling also changed making me focus on Poshmark and coming up with unique item description shop to make it seem I was styling potential buyer with quotes like:

“Can be paired with a bodysuit, jean jacket and converse for a  relaxing yet still feel sexy date night.”

Just remember ladies and Gents, “You Got this.”