Snake Skin Trend 2020

I am loving the snake skin trend.Can be paired with just about anything and you will look fierce and sexy.

As I was out this weekend,I was talking with potienal clients i.e shoppers and noticed a pair of snake skin pumps and I couldn’t resist not trying them on.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

Gianni Versace

I paired a chic satin skirt,Topshop at Nordstrom with a high neck top from Target brand Prolouge.Due to my MS pain I did have my white converse and I couldn’t resist these pumps,Saks Fifth Avenue.

Divorce Life: It does get better with time

When it comes to decor,I adore making a place cozy and like a home. I used to be the girl that was down to go out every single weekend to the girl thats okay to sit and watch a movie; Have a glass of wine, listen to a book or podcast or write.

My townhome once ours was going to be a place to call home for just a year or so and then move again.We didn’t want to buy after we sold our home.I wanted to stay but I picked a cozy apartment instead.

Tears,sadness and “The divorce talk” happened here on that beautiful sofa, to be specific.

While I’m only moving 3 miles down the road, many reflections I’ve had for some time.

Instead of getting into depression,I kept myself at the gym, took two solo trip to NY and LA. I started to hang out with my two best friends more and Our values are mostly the same which is to speak things into existence, we talk about real life things,pray and If we are stressed we help each other get thru it.I have also cut people out of my life that I deemed negative influences.

I will say shortly after “The Talk” I was out almost every night,I didn’t want to be home.I wanted to knock on the guest room door many times and stoped myself and went out.My poor baby chewy in the mix of our “Quietness” for a few months drove him to act out.Sadly,I had to let him go and happy to say he found his forever home and was even renamed.

Sometime’s I do wish he was here sitting on that damn couch, playing Mortal Kombat on his Ipad while the tv is on and now its me watching Disney + like a big kid at heart.

To help myself, I started to see a therapist and highly recommend for people to try at least one session.It did take me a while to get the courage to call and set an appointment.I remember a phone call I had with a nurse regrading my MS treatment plan and she spoke about finding a therapist in my area to help me process my diagnosis of MS; but I said no thank you,I think I’m ok. I’m a true fighter but one day I broke down and made the call. Prior to seeing my therapist i had paperwork to do,This included shedding light on my past with my family. Let’s just say we are not the best close net family but this year we have been trying. During the first session,I spoke about what brought me here,I held back tears talking about my ex-husband and what happened. I won’t go into detail but it felt good to let it out and I decided to keep my therapist.

I had to step away from my blog here to allow focus on my novel,I decided to write a Erotic Romance novel and it does take some of my spare time after work and excited to finish it mid next year is the goal.

Thank you to those that follow me and my fashion finds and journey.

Chapter closes and another opens.We are almost to Chapter 1 Page 1 of 365.