30 is the new 20

My 20’s was full of adventures,memories,marriage and divorce with fashion looks that were fierce.

I was always the woman that would dress up to any event.My current looks includes my Chuck Taylors with dresses to Jeans paired with a blazer with a crop or bustier,Two piece sets are a true staple in my closet and I love the styles I create.

My shien outfit made me feel sexy for my best friend 30th birthday dinner in Downtown Dallas at XOXO Dining room, the cutest, chic perfect for girls night or date night spot that includes a speak easy called Mr.X Dallas.I told my girls, next time lets put our wallets together for a speak easy night(They do give you a code.)I was a month out from my birthday and in the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t going to pull off another trip.I planned a wonderful solo getaway,I would talk non stop about it,My goal was to be back in a bikini and keep up with my solo travel goals.After I said “I don’t” one goal was to keep traveling, something myself and him shared a love for.From Punta Cana to Hawaii to New Orleans to Florida, we didn’t stop moving.I had to think to myself,I’m not the only person who had to push travel plans and this allows me to save funds for other goals I have.

Times are interesting now and while Covid has caused heartbreaks and sadness,It has brought me closure from my ex husband and a friendship with him, I changed my routine to include walks outside instead of being a gym rat like I was at Cowboy Fit last year. I have also been able to come to terms that I have an illness that randomly causes me to lose my walking ability, speech issues to shooting pain from my arms to my legs and to the public I looked like my normal self.I started to add in my new battle with relapsing multiple sclerosis to my platform as many people don’t know much about it and I went from feeling depressed to not allowing my disease to define me.

Fair well to my 20’s and Hello to my 30’s may we have more adventures and more memories.

Hello 30, You’re looking fab.