Snake Skin Trend 2020

I am loving the snake skin trend.Can be paired with just about anything and you will look fierce and sexy.

As I was out this weekend,I was talking with potienal clients i.e shoppers and noticed a pair of snake skin pumps and I couldn’t resist not trying them on.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

Gianni Versace

I paired a chic satin skirt,Topshop at Nordstrom with a high neck top from Target brand Prolouge.Due to my MS pain I did have my white converse and I couldn’t resist these pumps,Saks Fifth Avenue.

Divorce Life,The next chapter

Divorce can be stressful including the next chapter.Time sure does fly,I went from being married for just shy of two years together for 5 years to divorce just day’s before our 2 year anniversary.

We came up with an agreement to have me stay in the town home we were renting up until a certain date and that date came fast, I opted for what I thought was cute and cozy one bedroom with a fireplace just minutes away from the town home however my almost nightmare started. I started to feel defeated, I chose the wrong home. I was raised in New York one thing I’m used to is critters. I did my own pest control at the townhouse and experienced no issues. Once I started moving in.I noticed I walking into a pest infested apartment to be vague its a critter known to get into food and more! We live in Dallas known for some bugs but the fact I was so afraid to unpack my kitchen was sign number one,to make the decision to move.After attempts to fix the situation with the leasing office and management company,I broke my lease after two weeks and adore my new home including the “Skylight” above my bed that brings in natural light during the day and at night I can look up to the moon.

As I continue to work with the management company, it goes to show that after divorce; Its a good feeling to do things on your own without that person as if we were together I rather have him “fix” the situation and be the supportive wife as that’s how I got after many years. I realized in my relationship and marriage I would lead us in some things,I also wanted someone lead me and then come together as one. In therapy I dug deep into myself to know our divorce was not 100% my fault and when I had to see him for a brief moment for him to pick up some items;There was no temptation,no feelings for him,no nothing. I was happy he got his things,I’m happy he stuck to our divorcee decree and I’m at happy place in my new chapter.

The next chapter can be stressful but just know that you got this. You can do this,remember who you were without the person.I adore this saying ” She said she could so she did” to keep my move less expensive and within two hours myself and my girlfriend moved everything that wasn’t heavy,I started to unpack my closet from the trick of using a trash bag and keeping hangers on and tie at the point of the hangers to grab and took a picture because I was amazed I made this work.I was proud of myself,I didn’t need him.

Next Chapter Glow